The equipment used in this pricing schedule is Japanese, German or Australian manufactured solar panels, and European inverters. All pricing is inclusive of GST and includes installation on a standard roof** and the assignment of Renewable Energy Certificates to Solarselect or its nominee. The prices shown are the net prices paid by the customer to SolarSelect.

Contact SolarSelect directly for systems using any of the above top quality solar panels and inverters.

SolarSelect Kyocera 1.5kW System
Equipment: 7 x 215W  Kyocera panels and PVI Aurora 2kW inverter
Roof space required: 14 sq m
Average annual output: will generally produce enough power to cover the annual usage of lights, and all kitchen and lounge room appliances (and possibly more if you have gas cooking)*
Price including GST:  $4,990
SolarSelect Kyocera 2 kW System
Equipment: 10 x 215W Kyocera panels and PVI Aurora 2kW inverter
Roof space required: 18 sq m
Average annual output: Will generally power the needs of a small energy efficient house without air-conditioning*
Price including GST:  $5,990
SolarSelect Kyocera 3 kW System
Equipment: 14 x 215W Kyocera panels and PVI Aurora 3kW inverter
Roof space required: 27 sq m
Average annual output: Depending on what is running in the home during sunlight hours, a 3kW system would deliver a reasonable net export of power to the grid*
Price including GST:  $9,990
SolarSelect Kyocera 4 kW System
Equipment: 19 x 215W Kyocera panels and PVI Aurora 4.2KW inverter
Roof space required: 36 sq m
Average annual output: will generally power the needs of a larger energy efficient house with some use of air-conditioning*
Price including GST:  $11,990
SolarSelect Kyocera 5 kW System
Equipment: 24 x 215W Kyocera panels and PVI Aurora 5kW inverter
Roof space required: 45 sq m
Average annual output: will generally cover the usage of most homes including use of air-conditioning and a reasonable net export of power*
Price including GST:  $13,990
SolarSelect Kyocera 6 kW System
Equipment: 28 x Kyocera 215W solar panels and 6 kW PVI Aurora inverter
Roof space required: 54 sq m
Average annual output: will generally cover the usage of most homes including use of air-conditioning and provide a good net export of power*
Price including GST:  $POA

Systems which incorporate larger capacity inverters enable customers to add panels at a later date without the need to upgrade their inverter. Please ask SolarSelect about these options which can be priced on request.  (see Options below)

Larger domestic and commercial systems than those listed above, can be priced on request.

*Estimates only. The best way to determine your optimum size is to look at the general light and power usage on your quarterly bill. SolarSelect consultants can assist with this.

** A surcharge applies for tiled roofs due to extra fittings required for attaching the panel framing to the roof structure. Please contact SolarSelect for details.


Inverter upgrades:

SolarSelect offers a number of system options including inverter upgrades which allow customers to install a larger inverter initially and add panels to the system at a later date as their budget allows, without having to replace an undersized inverter.

Wireless Displays:

SolarSelect can offer a wireless display with each system that can be placed in parts of the home away from the inverter. System output - current and historical information can be shown on the display � a great educational tool for children. 

What's included in the price?

  • A site visit to discuss the most appropriate system that meets your requirements and maximises your return on investment.
  • Preparation of all the necessary paperwork for your Government benefits
  • preparation of the paperwork for ENERGEX grid connection
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of your solar system


Sharp, Bosch, Kyocera,  Fronius, SMA, and Aurora offer industry leading warranties that are commensurate with the brand reputation enjoyed by these leading manufacturers.

Sharp solar modules are warranted against faults in materials and manufacture for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase. Additionally, Sharp warrants that if the module displays a power output of less than 90% of the minimum power output specified in Sharp�s written specifications during the first 10 years, or less than 80% during the period time of 25 years from the date of original purchase and Sharp determines at its sole option that the power output loss is due to faults in materials or manufacture, then Sharp at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the module to bring the aggregate power output to the warranted percentage of specified minimum power output.

The life expectancy of a Sharp Japanese manufactured solar panel is 40 - 50 years.

Fronius inverters have a 5 year manufacturers warranty.
Aurora inverters have a 5 year manufacturers warranty.
SMA inverters have a 5 year manufacturer�s warranty.

New Sustainable Home Packages

Are you building a new home and want to ensure that you are energy and water efficient, but don�t know where to start?

Using SolarSelect means no more running around searching for the right products. SolarSelect New Sustainable Home Packages allow customers who are planning the construction of a new home to source a complete energy package from us and save money. Save money by combining solar power and solar hot water into one purchase!

Customers receive a complimentary evaluation and advice on their plans, and a complimentary energy monitoring device for their home � a great educational tool for children and teenagers .

Solar Hot Water System Pricing

There are many variables that affect the pricing of a solar hot water system and they are determined by the customer's requirements based on the nature of the building structure, number of people in the family using hot water, whether the system is close coupled or split, electric or gas boosted. Also rebates and discounts for RECS affect the final price to the customer.

SolarSelect recommends that customers seek their advice on the best solution for them. SolarSelect will visit their home or building site, consult with customers' builders if necessary and provide the most competitive price possible.

Contact SolarSelect on 07 3368 3969 for a quotation and advice.